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Banning Users

Shield provides a way to ban users from your application. This is useful if you need to prevent a user from logging in, or logging them out in the event that they breach your terms of service.

Check if a User is Banned

You can check if a user is banned using isBanned() method on the User entity. The method returns a boolean true/false.

if ($user->isBanned()) {

Banning a User

To ban a user from the application, the ban(?string $message = null) method can be called on the User entity. The method takes an optional string as a parameter. The string acts as the reason for the ban.

// banning a user without passing a message
// banning a user with a message and reason for the ban passed.
$user->ban('Your reason for banning the user here');

Unbanning a User

Unbanning a user can be done using the unBan() method on the User entity. This method will also reset the status_message property.


Getting the Reason for Ban

The reason for the ban can be obtained user the getBanMessage() method on the User entity.