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Extending the Controllers

Provided Controllers

Shield has the following controllers that can be extended to handle various parts of the authentication process:

  • ActionController handles the after-login and after-registration actions, like Two Factor Authentication and Email Verification.
  • LoginController handles the login process.
  • RegisterController handles the registration process. Overriding this class allows you to customize the User Provider, the User Entity, and the validation rules.
  • MagicLinkController handles the "lost password" process that allows a user to login with a link sent to their email. This allows you to override the message that is displayed to a user to describe what is happening, if you'd like to provide more information than simply swapping out the view used.

How to Extend

It is not recommended to copy the entire controller into app/Controllers and change its namespace. Instead, you should create a new controller that extends the existing controller and then only override the methods needed. This allows the other methods to stay up to date with any security updates that might happen in the controllers.


namespace App\Controllers;

use CodeIgniter\Shield\Controllers\LoginController as ShieldLogin;
use CodeIgniter\HTTP\RedirectResponse;

class LoginController extends ShieldLogin
    public function logoutAction(): RedirectResponse
        // new functionality

After extending, don't forget to change the route. See Customizing Routes.