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Customizing Views

Shield provides the default view files, but they are sample files. Customization is recommended.

If your application uses a different method to convert view files to HTML than CodeIgniter's built-in view() helper, see Integrating Custom View Libraries.

Change $views

Change values in $views in the app/Config/Auth.php file.

For example, if you customize the login page, change the value for 'login':

public array $views = [
    'login'                       => '\App\Views\Shield\login', // changed this line.
    'register'                    => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\register',
    'layout'                      => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\layout',
    'action_email_2fa'            => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\email_2fa_show',
    'action_email_2fa_verify'     => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\email_2fa_verify',
    'action_email_2fa_email'      => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\Email\email_2fa_email',
    'action_email_activate_show'  => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\email_activate_show',
    'action_email_activate_email' => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\Email\email_activate_email',
    'magic-link-login'            => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\magic_link_form',
    'magic-link-message'          => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\magic_link_message',
    'magic-link-email'            => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\Email\magic_link_email',

Copy View File

Copy the file you want to customize in vendor/codeigniter4/shield/src/Views/ to the app/Views/Shield/ folder.

Customize Content

Customize the content of the view file in app/Views/Shield/ as you like.

When customizing email templates in app/Views/Shield/Email, you have access to the User Entity object through the $user variable. Utilize $user to personalize the email messages according to individual user details.