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Authentication Actions

Authentication Actions are a way to group actions that can happen after login or registration. Shield ships with two actions you can use, and makes it simple for you to define your own.

  1. Email-based Account Activation (EmailActivate) confirms a new user's email address by sending them an email with a link they must follow in order to have their account activated.
  2. Email-based Two Factor Authentication (Email2FA) will send a 6-digit code to the user's email address that they must confirm before they can continue.

Configuring Actions

Actions are setup in the Auth config file, with the $actions variable.

public array $actions = [
    'register' => null,
    'login'    => null,

To define an action to happen you will specify the class name as the value for the appropriate task:

public array $actions = [
    'register' => \CodeIgniter\Shield\Authentication\Actions\EmailActivator::class,
    'login'    => \CodeIgniter\Shield\Authentication\Actions\Email2FA::class,

You must register actions in the order of the actions to be performed. Once configured, everything should work out of the box.

The routes are added with the basic auth()->routes($routes) call, but can be manually added if you choose not to use this helper method.

use CodeIgniter\Shield\Controllers\ActionController;

$routes->get('auth/a/show', 'ActionController::show');
$routes->post('auth/a/handle', 'ActionController::handle');
$routes->post('auth/a/verify', 'ActionController::verify');

Views for all of these pages are defined in the Auth config file, with the $views array.

public $views = [
    'action_email_2fa'            => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\email_2fa_show',
    'action_email_2fa_verify'     => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\email_2fa_verify',
    'action_email_2fa_email'      => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\Email\email_2fa_email',
    'action_email_activate_show'  => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\email_activate_show',
    'action_email_activate_email' => '\CodeIgniter\Shield\Views\Email\email_activate_email',

Defining New Actions

While the provided email-based activation and 2FA will work for many sites, others will have different needs, like using SMS to verify or something completely different. Actions have only one requirement: they must implement CodeIgniter\Shield\Authentication\Actions\ActionInterface.

The interface defines three methods for ActionController:

show() should display the initial page the user lands on immediately after the authentication task, like login. It will typically display instructions to the user and provide an action to take, like clicking a button to have an email or SMS message sent. You might verify email address or phone numbers here.

handle() is the next page the user would land on and can be used to handle the action the show() told the user would be happening. For example, in the Email2FA class, this method generates the code, sends the email to the user, and then displays the form the user should enter the 6 digit code into.

verify() is the final step in the action's journey. It verifies the information the user provided and provides feedback. In the Email2FA class, it verifies the code against what is saved in the database and either sends them back to the previous form to try again or redirects the user to the page that a login task would have redirected them to anyway.

All methods should return either a Response or a view string (e.g. using the view() function).