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HTTP Feature Testing

When performing HTTP Feature Testing in your applications, you will often need to ensure you are logged in to check security, or simply to access protected locations. Shield provides the AuthenticationTesting trait to help you out. Use it within the test class and then you can use the actingAs() method that takes a User instance. This user will be logged in during the test.


use CodeIgniter\Shield\Test\AuthenticationTesting;
use Tests\Support\TestCase;
use CodeIgniter\Shield\Authentication\Actions\Email2FA;

class ActionsTest extends TestCase
    use DatabaseTestTrait;
    use FeatureTestTrait;
    use AuthenticationTesting;

    public function testEmail2FAShow()
        $result = $this->actingAs($this->user)
               'auth_action' => Email2FA::class,

        // Should auto-populate in the form

Improving the Speed of Running Tests

By default, Shield has set the Config\Auth::$hashCost = 12 due to the greater security of passwords. However, to increase the test execution time, we have set the $hashCost = 4 for the test environment.

If you use Shield in your project and your tests execution time is high, just set the $hashCost = 4 in file phpunit.xml.dist of your project as follows:

    <!-- Set hashCost for improving the speed of running tests -->
    <env name="auth.hashCost" value="4"/>