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Forcing Password Reset

Depending on the scope of your application, there may be times when you'll decide that it is absolutely necessary to force user(s) to reset their password. This practice is common when you find out that users of your application do not use strong passwords OR there is a reasonable suspicion that their passwords have been compromised.

This guide provides you with ways to achieve this.


Before using the following methods, you need to get the User entity. See Getting the Current User or Finding a User for details.

Available Methods

Shield provides a way to enforce password resets throughout your application. The Resettable trait on the User entity and the UserIdentityModel provides the following methods to do so.


If a user is put into the force reset state, Shield does nothing by default. You need to check if a user requires password reset (see below), and set the redirect URL for the reset page, and create the reset page.

Check if a User Requires Password Reset

When you need to check if a user requires password reset, you can do so using the requiresPasswordReset() method on the User entity. Returns boolean true/false.

if ($user->requiresPasswordReset()) {


You can use the force-reset filter to check.

Force Password Reset On a User

To force password reset on a user, you can do so using the forcePasswordReset() method on the User entity.


Remove Force Password Reset Flag On a User

Undoing or removing the force password reset flag on a user can be done using the undoForcePasswordReset() method on the User entity.


Force Password Reset On Multiple Users

If you see the need to force password reset for more than one user, the forceMultiplePasswordReset() method of the UserIdentityModel allows you to do this easily. It accepts an Array of user IDs.

use CodeIgniter\Shield\Models\UserIdentityModel;

// ...
$identities = new UserIdentityModel();

Force Password Reset On All Users

If you suspect a security breach or compromise in the passwords of your users, you can easily force password reset on all the users of your application using the forceGlobalPasswordReset() method of the UserIdentityModel.

use CodeIgniter\Shield\Models\UserIdentityModel;

// ...
$identities = new UserIdentityModel();